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Symptoms of ADHD in Adults

For you to get the right ADHD treatment, you should first get evaluated by a licensed mental health care provider. A qualified physician or mental health care professional will evaluate various ways because you cannot be diagnosed accurately from simple observations. Some sources used to gather information by the diagnostician include symptoms checklists and behavior rating scales. Adults can have different symptoms from when they were children, and they can fit in the three presentations of ADHD. The various presentation of ADHD include ADHD predominantly inattentive presentation, ADHD predominantly hyperactive-impulse presentation, and ADHD combined presentation. If you do not have symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsivity, you might not meet the diagnostic criteria of ADHD. Some impairment caused by the symptoms can result in job loss, failing grades and distress in marriage. You should not self-diagnose, or use self-rating scales to diagnose ADHD. In the paragraphs below, you will learn about the symptoms of ADHD.

You will feel the urge to go for evaluation when you get problems in some areas of your life. It is, not easy to know when time is right to do an evaluation. Some impairment like inconsistency in your career, academic failures and forgetfulness can be caused by ADHD. For you to sure about ADHD, you should visit your physician for a diagnosis. Some symptoms will be evident from childhood while some of them will present themselves in childhood.

People with ADHD have impulsivity. It manifests in several ways including rushing through tasks, impulse buying, and being socially inappropriate. You will also lack focus. When conversing with the person with ADHD, they find it difficult to listen to you and are easily distracted. A patient could also have hyper focus. Hyper focus makes a patient concentrate on something till they forget their surrounding. The symptom can impair relationships.

Disorganization is another symptom of ADHD. Keeping things in their right places is difficult with this patient. A person with ADHD also has a time management problem. You will find yourself showing up late for important events and procrastinating important duties. You also forget things routinely.

Poor self-image is also common with an adult who has ADHD. The poor self-image results from their inability to concentrate and impairment caused as a result of ADHD. With the implements, you will feel like a failure and demotivated to achieve. You are also likely to feel anxious and restless. Fatigue is also common with this disease because you could lack sleep. Because of your disorganization, you are also likely to neglect your health which results in other health problems. Adults who have ADHD present some of the symptoms discussed in the paragraphs above.

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