22 Lessons Learned:

Handling Some Tough Questions of Kids
All parents will agree that they think that their children grow up really fast before their eyes. The baby that they are carrying in their arms in the blink of an eye has turned into a child that is now smart enough to ask some tough questions to them. And in a blink of an eye too these children will be going out of their homes so that they can independently the families that they chose. When the time of leaving of your child comes you will have a sense of fulfillment when you feel that you have done your best for your child.
As they grow up children will exercise their intelligence by asking some tough questions to their parents. It is not the job of a parent to avoid answering them but to do so in a sensitive manner. Below you will find a few of the tough topics that your kids can question you about.
Death and Loss. Even if death is a certain part of our lives we are not born with having knowledge of it. This is why young people such as kids may have a hard time grappling with the concept of death and loss. When someone in their inner circle such as a beloved grandpa dies then they might start posing questions that are related to death and loss. They can also ask about it when they see that you are doing pre-arrangement for your future funeral. Speaking of funeral it is a must that you browse these options so that you know about it. It is important that you browse these options so that you know the best funeral arrangement for you. When you set aside time to browse these options then you can pick the best. You can have your spouse browse these options with you too so that you can have his or her input regarding the funeral arrangements. Remember how crucial it is to browse these options when making funeral arrangements for your future death.
You can explain in a simple manner to young kids that when one dies one will not return anymore. But you can remind them that their being sad about it does not have to last forever.
Mythical Beings. It is just natural that children will have a vivid imagination and make stories about them. The parents have the freedom on how to deal with stories regarding Easter bunny, Santa and tooth fairy.
If your kids ask about them you can simply explain to them that the good nature of these beings is already in each of us and that we can manifest such qualities to other people.
Divorce and Separation. You need to tell the children that it is not their fault.

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