Why Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Bases On Why It Is Hard To Leave Toxic Relationships.

On a daily basis, there are approximately twenty four people that are faced with abuse of different kinds such as rape, violence and stalking. As the numbers tend to increase on a yearly basis, it is much hard for the people to leave such kinds of relationships. Such forms of domestic violence on the individuals has made it hard for people to actually leave the relationship because it creates shame, takes advantage of control and at the same time, instills fear to those undergoing such problems. As a result of sticking around for a long time, death is the outcome of such kinds of relationships. Deciding whether the relationship is toxic or not is the reason that makes it hard to leave.

Over the years, the abusers have been able to get their wrong doings upheld by the society and this has made it hard for the victims to determine if what they are undergoing is abuse or not. Signs of a toxic relationship might be portrayed in different ways such as the self-esteem factor. One of the mechanisms that the abuser uses is simply breaking down the self-esteem of the victim, having the victim think that that is the best treatment that they should get. Secondly, a pattern of abuse cycle is another sign that you are in a toxic relationship. This is illustrated in a manner that, at one point, the abuser does an intoxication assault and then, they follow this with something really nice that makes you forget of their wrong doings where they fill you with false promises and good behavior.

Even if at one point the victim might have thought on leaving the relationship, the difficult part is always the actually leaving because they are tied up with the fact that their abuser might result to harming either them or their family. With things such as personal responsibility, the victim results to sticking around with the abuser for a long time. Most of these victims think that it is their responsibility to change the characters of the abuser and thus, they end up sticking with them for a long time. Another reason to stay is that the victim thinks that there is hope for change when it comes to the abuser. The downside is that such kinds of people won’t change easily because they might have been doing this for a long time and they will continue as long as the victims allow them.

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