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The Best Apartment Pets to Live With in San Francisco
Pets are great company. Having a pet around can help lower stress levels, anxiety, and blood pressure. Pets have even been very helpful in improving the immune systems of their owners and bring about happiness. Having your pet greet you after a hard day at work is one of the best feelings there is. Finding an apartment in San Francisco when one has a pet is no easy feat. Small pets may be acceptable to a few of the apartments though. This article will guide you on some of the apartment pets to live with in San Francisco.
A dog is one such pet. Dogs are not too inflexible and fit in perfectly at an apartment in San Francisco. Dogs are indeed a lot of fun to have around and are not all that messy. You need to contact your landlord to see which breeds are acceptable in the apartment complex first though. There are certain breeds that bark incessantly and this can disturb your neighbors so this is why you should take note of this. Read this article to see some of the dog breeds that are best suited for apartment life.
Bunnies are also perfect pets for apartment life. They are social, can be trained to use litter boxes, and low maintenance. They can roam about the apartment for exercise and rest in a large cage. Learn more about this from this article.
Cats and kittens are also great choices for apartment life. They are not too dependent and are quite fun to have around. Work on getting them a play area where they can scratch and climb to avoid having your whole apartment torn up. It is also important have screens installed on your apartment windows. Find out more on cat care on this article.
Could you be more interested in an exotic pet? A hedgehog is right up that exotic alley. A hedgehog is small and adorable with some hunting instincts that can keep away bugs and ants from your house. If you are going for the exotic, then this is a good choice. This article has a lot of information on hedgehog care.
The above are some of the most popular pet picks that can fit in well with apartment life. It goes without saying that you will need to be ready financially to take care of the pet. Pets that get love and attention turn out to be the best pets as well so give them time and affection. Take a walk in the park with your pet and play with it.