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Why Marriages Fall Apart

Marriage is a relationship, where two people come together, husband and wife and they are enabled by God since its sacred. You will often begin to enjoy marriage, but with the time you will notice some changes. Marriages can start downing if you notice the following signs. Are you in marriage, if you want to know if it’s downing then look at the tell-tale signs below.

Both parties you are always at loggerheads with each other. When you fail to get each other about a particular thing, then you start an argument in the long run. These arguments get to a place where you are compelling your spouse or husband to see things as you see them, the relationship is one-sided already could be risky, could lose your wife or husband. Do not expect anything complex to break your marriage, such compelling arguments could just mess up your marriage.

Also, lack of intimacy. When you get married you are there to fulfill any other things and get children, it’s not all about sex, but sex is very important in the marriage anyway, it has its key role. If you get to know that you are not enjoying sex with your partner then that marriage is doomed already. Things like kids, low libido or stress could be issues affecting a partners sex life, and thus they eventually lose their interest in one another causing their marriage to fall apart.

Moreover, negative feelings could be a reason for marriage failure. Marriage could be in trouble if its full of negative energy. You have an attitude towards your partner, you no longer devote your time to them, and you care less unlike it was in the beginning. You are going to separate if this goes on for a good time, you can’t get along well since you no longer for each other.

Continuous infidelity could be another sign. When you wrong certain times, the first time you get forgiven but again you repeat the same more often what do you think your wife or husband will feel. , For example, you cheat on your wife, and she finds it in her heart to forgive you, the next time she’ll leave you. Marriage could go under, your spouse will begin to avoid you like the plague since you risk infecting her with STDs and other sexual diseases.

You cannot comprehend each other. This can wreak havoc to marriage since it hinders closeness, openness and makes you feel a lot like a stranger to each other.

Constant threats are other signs. Do not ever threaten your partner like you would divorce them, one day it might just happen though you did it jokingly. Lack of sharing too. This could lead to separation and marriage goes under.